Friday, April 1, 2016

The Greater Fool

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     Today is the best day to pull a prank on someone. But to be honest, the joke's on us. In this country. Look at the candidates wooing us for our votes. Only handful of them can be trusted and some of them might have made Faustian deals just so they could provide us with the public service we rightfully deserve. We fail to see the punchline as farmers are gunned down because they're clamoring for help from their government. The way that the government of the past and present has treated our farmers is laughable. No amount financial subsidy is going to alleviate their lives. It's insulting to them, that the least that these people can do is give them money. Money that passes from one agency to the next until what's left is enough to just get them by. Unless and until we change how we perceive and treat our farmers, we will never transcend and break away from our elitist mindset.

     Who's laughing now?

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