Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Tita Trend

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     Everyone is trying to be a tita. And it's not a good thing. 

     I've been seeing a lot of posts in different social media platforms on how people have been embracing the "tita" lifestyle. It seems that wanting to sleep early, having wine nights, and trying to act haughty without the superfluousness of the word makes one a "tita." This superficial perception is what's bothering me thinks.

     I think it requires a lot being a tita and not just drinking tea and having that thing where you hang your bag whenever you go to church. I believe being a tita is more of a mindset. When we have come to point where we just give zero fucks about what anyone thinks while still having a sense of grace about it is the first step into titahood. The moment where we've officially had it with all these distractions and trends that catches our attention and we start to focus on the things that matter to us not only because we love them but they also have a sense of practicality about them. Making adult decisions like sticking to one's grocery budget or spending the entire day cleaning the house instead of going to the mall. A person wanting to lead the tita lifestyle should start collecting life experiences in order for them to start maturing instead of following other people do it. 

     But sleeping early doesn't hurt.

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