Wednesday, June 3, 2015


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   Summer is about to end and yet its energy-draining effect is still full on. Today I traveled from Pasig to Manila. I left Pasig around 5 AM and I was already expecting that traffic will be horrible since it's the first week of classes. The trip took less than an hour. There was no traffic build up because the private schools that bus passes along haven't started their classes yet. 
   I was just starting with my work when I felt that the heat was beginning to bother me. At around 2 PM, female parental unit and I decided to go out and sit by the front of the house and do some people watching. We were surprised that not only was it not as hot as the inside of our house but there was a cool breeze blowing every five minutes. We sat for about an hour and gossiped about our neighbors.
   I decided to go to church after that and while I was walking, I could not help but get weaker because of the heat. When I got to the church I was so zapped out that I dozed off for a bit during the priest's homily. I was so naive to think that my walk back to the house would less hot. It was still sizzling outside. 
   Overall I still feel that I managed to be productive despite the heat. 

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