Monday, April 4, 2016

Blank Space

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     Nothing happened really much today. There was work and my preparations to go to Allan. I had to wait longer for the bus that'll take me to Pasig. Normally, there's a bus already waiting, but today we had to wait for about 20 minutes for one to pick us up. The trip was uneventful and given that its the summer vacation, traffic was not so heavy and the bus wasn't so crammed with passengers wanting to go home.

     Allan is still sleeping since its his rest day. So there.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Tita Trend

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     Everyone is trying to be a tita. And it's not a good thing. 

     I've been seeing a lot of posts in different social media platforms on how people have been embracing the "tita" lifestyle. It seems that wanting to sleep early, having wine nights, and trying to act haughty without the superfluousness of the word makes one a "tita." This superficial perception is what's bothering me thinks.

     I think it requires a lot being a tita and not just drinking tea and having that thing where you hang your bag whenever you go to church. I believe being a tita is more of a mindset. When we have come to point where we just give zero fucks about what anyone thinks while still having a sense of grace about it is the first step into titahood. The moment where we've officially had it with all these distractions and trends that catches our attention and we start to focus on the things that matter to us not only because we love them but they also have a sense of practicality about them. Making adult decisions like sticking to one's grocery budget or spending the entire day cleaning the house instead of going to the mall. A person wanting to lead the tita lifestyle should start collecting life experiences in order for them to start maturing instead of following other people do it. 

     But sleeping early doesn't hurt.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Return of the Comeback

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     Female parental unit is back from her Holy Week obligation at the province. And boy did she have a lot of gossip for me!

     While we were unpacking her stuff and catching up on each other's craziness we both told each other that two weeks away from each seems like a long time to be apart. The time apart was a big help in her and her sister in dealing with some of the issues we have at the province. Me and my hostile verbal diarrhea might cause more harm than help had I went with her. On my part, I got to spend more time with Allan helped him take off some stress from work.

     To be honest I'm still a little uneasy about inheriting my family's legacy. I know I am ready and I appreciate that the rest of my clan are confident that I'll be able to handle things properly. The only thing that they're concerned about is how do things. And that gets me sometimes. My family has a tendency to deal with a situation with a lot of hush-hush and skirting around. Basically, they're non-confrontational. I, on the other hand deals with things by confronting them head, with a big splash. While has worked for me in a lot of situations, it might bite me in the ass in a place where people are very sensitive especially when it comes to what they think are morals that should be protected.

     So I guess I need to learn how to dance. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Greater Fool

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     Today is the best day to pull a prank on someone. But to be honest, the joke's on us. In this country. Look at the candidates wooing us for our votes. Only handful of them can be trusted and some of them might have made Faustian deals just so they could provide us with the public service we rightfully deserve. We fail to see the punchline as farmers are gunned down because they're clamoring for help from their government. The way that the government of the past and present has treated our farmers is laughable. No amount financial subsidy is going to alleviate their lives. It's insulting to them, that the least that these people can do is give them money. Money that passes from one agency to the next until what's left is enough to just get them by. Unless and until we change how we perceive and treat our farmers, we will never transcend and break away from our elitist mindset.

     Who's laughing now?