Sunday, June 28, 2015


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   So Allan's nephews spent the day here in Pasig, and boy those two sure knows how to wear down an adult. Namely me. 
   I know I've said in the past about my dislike for kids, Allan's nephews are enjoyable albeit tiring to look after. The eldest PJ, is three and is known for having mood swings and fears. He's afraid of being carried to high and doesn't like being placed on top of anyone's shoulders unlike other kids his age. He also likes to watch the animated movie Cars and hides behind you when the scene in the highway starts to appear. He's a picky eater but will let you hug him while eating when feels like it.
   PJ's younger brother EJ is different from him. EJ is more aggressive and will not stop crying until he gets what he wants. He likes "flying" and laughs and when he's left to explore his surroundings. He also likes figuring out problems just like when he would the mono bloc chairs in a way where he's be able to climb up without the chair tipping over. He also likes to eat anything as evidenced by his chubbiness. 
   A day maybe not enough to bond with them but it more than enough tire me out. But man it sure is fun looking after them. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Working Birthday

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   So today is my birthday. I don't expect the day to be any different or special. But I am thankful that I am here and spending this day with the people that matter to me. That in itself is good gift that keeps on giving everyday. Allan bought me ensaymada with a lots of icing and caramel sauce on top. It actually looks like a cake. And it's delicious too. His sister and her kids also dropped by to spend a couple of days with us. It's going to be a lot of fun looking after Allan's nephews as those two are not one to lose their energy. Oh kids. 
   Now as I told myself a year ago. Don't stop. 

Friday, June 26, 2015


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   The U.S. Supreme Court has decided that same-sex marriage is legal in 50 states. This is a great news for the advancement of the LGBT rights and finally same-sex couples will have the same benefits as that of married straight couples. It was never about religion. It has always been the upholding of the basic human right be married and have the right of any heteresexual married couple around the world.
   Love wins. Always. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rich People Problems

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   The trip from Pasig to Malcanang was horrendous today. I left at around 2 PM with the anticipation that there would be heavy traffic in some areas. I didn't realize that a school would cause it. The bus that I ride passes by La Salle Greenhills and even before we got the there, the traffic was so heavy that it took us an hour to move from Robinson Galleria to the POEA. It took another quarter of an hour for us to get out of the that bottleneck area. Apparently parents where picking up their children and they were taking up 3 lanes of the road. Even if there was a billboard where La Salle apologizes for the inconvenience and promises to find a solution for this, I feel like it's not really the problem of the commuters as a whole. The road in which the cars of the parents are parked is a public road. It shouldn't just be allocated for them. That is clearly a preferential treatment by city of Mandaluyong.
   But he rich people. 

Monday, June 22, 2015


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   I had planned to go back to Malacanang today. The plan was to leave at 4 AM. I went to bed around 7 PM after Allan left for work. I know for a fact that I did not take a nap that afternoon nor had I consumed soda. I even overworked myself a bit to be sure that I'll be tired. To my surprise I was wide awake. From 7 PM to 4 AM. I debated on whether to still leave for Malacanang but I was too sleepy by that time to make the trip and I was afraid that I won't be very alert. So I finally slept around 5 AM after making sure that Allan has something to eat when he gets home at 6 AM.
   That was one weird night. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015


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   Male parental unit and I will always have that who's-better-in-everything-we-do type of relationship. And what's weird is that both of us does not have any competitive nature. He's pretty laid back and doesn't like to be the center of anything and would rather be in the background. I'm basically like him, only it's more of laziness than having a cool personality. 
   My relationship with my male parental unit has evolved over the years. Back when I was younger, I looked up to him and tried to emulate his values. Over time, as I begin to form my own beliefs and values, I noticed that they were not that different from his even though I tried to have a more modern view and approach to things. Whenever we discuss these values, I couldn't help but feel that somewhere in my dad's hard exterior he's proud of what I've become.
   But I'm more proud because I was raised by a man like him 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Obligatory Birthday Musing

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   My birthday is a week from now and I still don't feel excited about celebrating it. The parental units are still baffled by my lukewarm reception to any idea of a celebration. To be honest, when I was growing up, I didn't really get why there was a need to celebrate my birthday and do it at my school. I mean I had classmates who I didn't like at that time and I certainly did not want them eating my birthday cake. I get the reason why people celebrate their birthdays and I am very thankful that I am still here and I am with the people I love but I feel like celebrating it is an obligation which kind of makes it feel an unnatural thing to do. To add to that I feel like I'm being an inconvenience to others since their spending time on me on my special day instead of doing whatever it is that needs their attention. All of these is just too much of a hassle really. 

   But it is nice to feel special on that day, and a cake doesn't really hurt right?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Here Comes The Rain Again

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   I'm going ahead and declare that the rainy season is finally here. Summer was brutal and it was anything but something put a smile in your face. There is something about the rain that always gives a warm feeling inside. Like everything is alright. Of course the torrential rains that have been happening all over the world is an exception. Contrary to what a lot of people feel during the rainy season, I feel more productive and more driven to go out of the house. Summer for me feels like hibernation while the rainy season has always been about being active.
   With the the start of the rainy season, I hope that we all start preparing for its ill effects while enjoying the feeling of what it brings us. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Of Spoilers

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   A lot of people went wild and vented their frustration in social media about being spoiled by the season five finale of Game of Thrones. Coincidentally they were spoiled by going to social media. So there. 
   I was never the one to get spoiled anyone who posts spoiler scenes in television shows or movies. I get more anxious to watch the show even more when I learn of certain memorable scenes. But a lot of people aren't like me and I can't blame them. For them, they want to experience the scene without any preconceived notion and being spoiled not only destroys that feeling but also makes their watching less enjoyable. 
   People who tweet or post spoiler scenes is not entirely to blame either. It is still their right to post what they think is something worth sharing. It's also not their fault that they managed to watch the movie or television show before anyone else did. The most that could probably asked from them but not really expect is to exercise restraint in sharing so that they don't spoil it for the rest. 
  Spoiling is two way crash site. For those sharing even a hint of what's about happen, they run the risk of spoiling for everyone and if they are going to get a lot of flak for it, then so be it. For those that does not want to spoiled, the best way is to just avoid any avenues where they run being spoiled. 
  As for me I still would watch every show and movie with an anticipation no one can spoil. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Entering the fray

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   Deciding on joining something is not my cup of tea. I was never a joiner. One because I'm not fond of being a network of things or people and second it takes a lot of effort for a person to join. But I've decided to try it out and test my mettle so to speak. Even though I am expecting that I'll do good, I know for a fact that there are others in the field who are not only better than me but also have benn doing this far longer. 
    Crossing my fingers. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


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  I've missed a couple of posts. Again. There must be something in the water in Pasig. Whenever I'm here I always get sleepy and lazy. I must find a way around it. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Its On Me

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   I was planning on doing something. I figured that I have enough time, so I pushed it back a couple of days. Still not wanting to let it go, I decided to do some other things instead of working on it. When the deadline came, I was so late that I couldn't even make a half-assed version. Being able to finish on time is something I should be really working on. I know for a fact that I can take on a lot of workload but the stumbling block is when I pause for a while, it tends to get longer than that. 
   Lesson learned. I shouldn't be angry with anyone else but me. 

Down For The Count

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   Normally, when the work ends for Allan he tries to stay up later than usual to catch up with me, or play some computer games or even watch a television show. But today, he was totally wiped out that even though I got home at 4 PM he was cooking something while playing StarCraft but I could see he was drained. He missed out on some of the mission objectives on StarCraft and while we were watching Fairy Tail, he was spacing out. 
   So now he's asleep. And we'll try not to disturb him and let him rest. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Towards freedom

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   Today, we celebrate the Philippines' Independence Day. We've been enjoying this freedom we have and surely have manifested it a lot of ways. From owning properties, to airing our opinions in social media, freedom is truly alive in this country. But aside from these things that we are free to do, we, myself included may have forgotten that there are still things that we are not free from. For starters, we are still not free from the bigotry and hate that several minority groups are still experiencing. From the LGBT to the indigenous people, oppression and suppression of the rights are still prevalent. Moreover, it seems that we are still enslaved by the backward thinking when it comes to politics and social issues. These things are so common that sometimes I have to admit that I'm also guilty of them. In order to be free from the shackles that prevent us from being a decent country where one could live, I guess that we have to start with ourselves and how we open our minds to not just what's happening inside of our backyards but also on a global scale as well. 
   Here's to our path towards freedom. 


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   Today called for some celebration. I managed to not take a nap this morning and continued working all throughout the entire day. I even managed to accompany female parental unit to go to church at noon and come back after a couple of hours. I think what allowed me to power through the morning and keep my eyes open was the fact that I went to bed early and gave myself a couple of minutes more of sleep before waking up. I did not experience getting drowsy while working and even managed to watch a couple of television shows without dozing off. Yey for me.
   I guess the downside is, if ever there is one is that I took a 10 minute nap this afternoon. I'm still waiting for the effects. Haha. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Nipping the bud

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   So I've managed to wake up early for work. And it's been consistent. What I didn't notice early on is that I tend to sleep in the middle of the day. Not the nap kind of sleep. What I would do is after waking up at around 5 am and work until around 7 or 8 am, I would go to sleep and wake up an hour later. After waking up, I continue where I left off and work for about 20 to 30 minutes. After that I would go to sleep again for an hour. This process repeats around three to four times and it's not fun. 
I don't feel energized or refreshed. To add to that, I tend to be more lethargic and lazy. The plan is to nip this unproductive sleep and try my best to keep myself awake the entire morning. Good luck to me then.  

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


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   Whenever my birthday draws near, I notice that my skin starts to peel/shed whatever. I remember the first time it happened to me I was turning seven. I told my mom about it and The Simpsons was on. She just told me that its a normal thing. But when my mother's birthday came, her skin did not peel. I stopped thinking about it, but recently, I've come to look at this current phase of my skin as a sort of renewal. I'm given a new skin to enjoy and the feeling of being touched, not just by the hands of the people that love, but also with their feelings. This also serves as new day for me to continue and fight on. And so fight I shall. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015


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   Yesterday and majority of today felt like a complete blur. I didn't realize that I did scheduled a post for yesterday and I nearly missed out on posting today. It seems like the only thing I can remember is sleeping. A lot. I must be the tired from all the work I did the previous week. 
    So I'm going to keep this one short. Enjoy the remaining moments of this weekend folks. I'm off to bed. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

A Piece Of Good News

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   Yesterday's approach to work had encountered some kinks. Hopefully I will be able to work through it in the coming days. I suspect it's the severe heat and humidity that is make more unproductive. I'll just have to soldier on.
   I received some good news today. Hopefully, the positive turn on things will continue. All I have to do is keep the momentum and look at things on the bright side. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Approach

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   The heat continues to disrupt my work flow. 
   So now I've decided to try something else. Working non-stop early in the morning until before noon should help me keep my focus and not exert too much energy just to cope with the energy-sapping heat. To make up for the downtime during lunch, the plan is to work a couple of hours at night once the temperature becomes more bearable.
   I'm crossing my fingers that I would be able to make it work tomorrow. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


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   Summer is about to end and yet its energy-draining effect is still full on. Today I traveled from Pasig to Manila. I left Pasig around 5 AM and I was already expecting that traffic will be horrible since it's the first week of classes. The trip took less than an hour. There was no traffic build up because the private schools that bus passes along haven't started their classes yet. 
   I was just starting with my work when I felt that the heat was beginning to bother me. At around 2 PM, female parental unit and I decided to go out and sit by the front of the house and do some people watching. We were surprised that not only was it not as hot as the inside of our house but there was a cool breeze blowing every five minutes. We sat for about an hour and gossiped about our neighbors.
   I decided to go to church after that and while I was walking, I could not help but get weaker because of the heat. When I got to the church I was so zapped out that I dozed off for a bit during the priest's homily. I was so naive to think that my walk back to the house would less hot. It was still sizzling outside. 
   Overall I still feel that I managed to be productive despite the heat. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Monday Is For Taking Care

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    There is something amusing about Allan whenever he gets sick. He has this weird thing of being so easy to read and being a lot more irritable than normal. When he's OK, it's rare that someone will be able to read what he's thinking by looking at his face. Just like today, he came back from the office after learning that he did not have a shift that day. I woke up to find that he was a bit warm and he was mildly irritable. That means he's sick. I asked him what he wanted to eat and he said that he wanted rice porridge. 
   Since the place that sells rice porridge doesn't open 'till late afternoon, I told Allan about it and he irritably replied (of course) that I should cook it instead. Ever since we've had the chance to take care of each other while the other one is sick, we have stuck on to our philosophies while being sick. Whenever I get down with something, I tend to be more agreeable and tolerant of almost anything. I have this thing where I don't want to be a burden and would insist on still moving around. On the other hand, Allan becomes more irritable, he rarely responds to questions and becomes easier to piss off. 
   In the beginning, I would always get angry and collide with him head on. Yes, even if he's sick. I've had a couple of experiences where I took care of someone who was sick. All of them were very nice and did not made me feel like I'm being sold of to a new master. But over time, I have learned to just roll with it and now I couldn't help but just smile whenever he's in this state. 
   For someone like Allan who is fiercely independent, being taken care of by somebody is something important to them. And what better way to show this than by annoying them even more. Kidding. He's feeling better now after resting and is ready to go to work in a bit. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Return of The Comeback

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   Let's get this month right by posting something. Anything. Getting all this gunk out of my system. I have to admit, I've neglected this blog and the other one because I'm a lazy bastard. Also, because I find nothing substantial to post. I could post and rant how this country is falling apart by the day, but then again so is the rest of people in social media. I could try and post fiction. I already live a life of make believe and plot twist so no. It hits home. Hard. I could try and be inspirational. That's if someone actually reads the drivel posted here and gets inspired. I couldn't even inspire myself to get inspired. So what's left? Why just post whatever comes to mind, no matter how ugly and shallow and nonsensical it is. In short, all of the things mentioned above. 
   No promises to post every day and witty. Just daily posting. It kinda sounds the same no?