Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A previous thought from a different phase in a life lived by another

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     No wonder girls dread their first menstrual flow. That moment, when blood, which marks a girl’s passage into adulthood, flows out of them. Somehow, I feel like that life is like that, a menstrual flow. No matter how prepared you are for that ritual to adulthood it will still surprise you, take you out of your comfort zone, make your cheeks flushed, makes you sweat profusely. In that one moment, you feel the last remaining ounce of sanity had been stolen from you; thrusting you into a vicious cycle of delusional episodes, topped with embarrassment which only aggravates your mental safe.
     In between the urge to pee and wanting to vomit, I watch the faces of people that passed by. And I could see one thing that binds all of us. Desperation. It seems to be an affliction that even single people seemed to be infected with. Desperate to earn money, desperate to find the next sexual conquest, desperate for escape, desperate to fit in the trend of being with the verbal masochistic bandwagon. All desperate for something.

     I should be proud of myself. I have a job A paying job. Or had one. I pay my bills, I do what a responsible adult with a job does. But I’m also desperate. The need for something physical, tangible is much stronger now. It still haunts me even in my slumber. As my hunger for the orgasmic grows stronger, my need to express myself has slowly ebbed away. I no longer want to write. I sometimes feel like writing is pretentious, ulcerous. People exploit it. I exploit it. I sometimes ask myself if I have become so jaded with life that the most powerful driving force in my life is starting to become ludicrous.
     I’m planning to sop doing my slayer duty. Honestly, being a creature of the night does not really fit me. For one, I could not see well in the dark. Another is that the night does not promise anything. It is usually full of uncertainty, ambivalence, and superstitious eroticism. I’m not really a big believer of karma, causality and all that deep and intellectual stuff, but in the past couple of weeks, those things have been the only constant things in my life. That and contradiction. It seems that everything I say and/or do will just be contradicted after a couple of minutes. It’s not fickle-mindedness. I refuse to be labeled as such. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The glove compartment is accurately named

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   I found this blog while was rummaging through my lists of username and passwords that needs to be deleted. Reading the entries reminded me how high and delusional I was back then.

   But I made a resolve to update this blog. As the days go along I might share parts of my boring life as a slayer, confessor, shock absorber, gate-keeper and all the other roles I play just to get through the day.

   I also found my small notebook. Its a bit old, worn out and torn. It contained all the ideas that I doodled while I was commuting in the train. I even wrote down the time I wrote them.

   I'm trying to fight my birthday blues. I don't want to be feeling down on my birthday. Its two days from now but somehow the darkness looming is much closer. Ready to suck me. People have been telling me that i have twice the reason to celebrate. Me going up the corporate ladder and my birthday. i'd like to celebrate that, but i don't think that's enough, I mean in terms of happiness and temporary contentment. When people ask me what I want for my birthday, I tell them that I want material things, but deep inside where only I'm only able to hear myself, I wish for you. yes you. Your hand intertwined with mine. Your fingertips running the lines of my palm. Me sniffing your scent without any perfume at all.

   As my tears roll down my face and hit the letters on the keyboard, I try to get a grip on reality.
I'll be alone. No. I am alone.

i guess its too much for a birthday wish...

Monday, December 29, 2014

Anti-life Equation

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   Prior to this sucky day, I have lost about a great number of brilliant moments where I could've written something spectacular or pretentious. It has always been a staple in my life, those lost moments. Fragments of something great in my life that has slipped away. A part of me wonders why I let this happen and why am I not doing anything about it. I guess, I am afraid to admit that I'm terrified. I'm terrified of recording the moments where I just feel the inner glow of being depressed, elated, half-dead, alive. It's like ideas are just whizzing in my head back and forth at the speed of light and I can catch every one of them. I'm scared of writing them dow, because if I do, I'll look back at that moment and feel the pang of nostalgia. I have a long history with nostalgia, we just don't see each other eye to eye. I don't want to belong to a growing number of unemployed people in this great country of ours. I don't want to a be a statistical number, but I guess that's what we all are, numbers. A number of rich whores, a rising number of pseudo-intellectuals preaching the greatness of being. I've just written a truck load of shit. I've always wanted to write, but I don't think that's going to happen. No amount of words I learn, books I read, movies I watch, people I observe will make me a writer. I'm too technical, too cold. Real writers are free-spirited, well-versed, passionate. Their words emanate and stir up your emotions. They take your feelings to a wholenew level, a different place. They make you think of different possibilities, of realitites and fantasies, of logical thoughts and absurd ideas. Doubt is not always a good thing.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

And the dogs were barking at the new moon

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   People tend to believe in the things they see. They also believe in the things that they don't see. That's what make up our memories. Solid objects and intangible events. Sometimes, to fill the void of ennui, people make up their own memories. sexual conquests, changing the world, finding the one and only soul mate, those are usually what people conjure out of their asses and pass them off as memories, sometimes with the help of the ever reliable alcohol or the loyal drugs. Ah! Depression and drugs, two of the greatest experience in the world. With depression, you can almost do anything, from jacking-off, to pulling the biggest and most publicized suicide the world has ever seen. 

   Falling in line in a government office, waiting for your documents makes you think of serious matters. The act of killing yourself. Playing god. For those who don't believe in god, the power of holding the moment, of life and destruction with one or maybe a few more slits, or for those who has low tolerance for pain, jumping from a tall building or putting one's head in the oven is always an option.

   I used to think that people who do these things are selfish and self-righteous among many other things. What, you're so sick of the world that you're gonna take the easy way out and put a bullet in your head? Or you think you're superman and you think your above everybody else? You try to blend in so as not to stand out and yet you really can't stand the sight and weakness of men? Go ahead and slit your wrists with kryptonite!

   I have a feeling that i'm slowly losing my memory. I think i need to upgrade my cyberbrain. Coming back from the province and facing life in the city, can be a slow mediocre blur. You meet people and after 10 seconds they're deleted from your memory. I like things to last. I'm big on dependability. I like being stuck, but not in a moment, that's a bit redundant. I like knowing that people will be there, things will be found, words will be said, those kind of things. I resist change, although by the time I've finished this, millions maybe billions of cells have died just as billions have been produced again. That's how you feel alive, through changing. The feeling of uncertainty of venturing out into the unknown. Although foresight or being all-knowing wouldn't hurt. What would've happened if we were like god? But that would be believing in god now would it??

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Oral Fixations and Laundry Sessions

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   Here is the first of a couple of entries from my previous blog. Feel free to comment.

   Blank pages scare me, and they keep on calling my name. They look like babies wanting to be carried, cigarettes to be smoked, and condoms to be used. The idea of writing something, or anything for that matter is a daunting task. I don't have a cybernetic body to turn off my skin sensors when people look at me with disgust and condescension. Why am I gripped with obsession to writing when I can just say what I want? Maybe because writing is a perfect example of nostalgia. With words spoken, it will be gone with the wind, erased and electrocuted by the neurons inside your brain. It can be deleted from your memory, drowned with the other made-up memories of what you wanted in the past, to establish a murky present and fly-off to a future of more lies.

   People suffer from nostalgia, like dogs battling with surrealism. We tend to cling to written words , like our addiction to telenovelas and kitschy films that have subliminally stole your hard earned money and duped you into thinking that you'll feel good when in reality it's the superb air-conditioning of the movie houses that puts you in a trance-like state.

   I once was obsessed with this person who once gave an aura of inner danger. I used to name him the great masturbator. The great masturbator has a devastating passive-aggressiveness. Once, when we were alone, the silence was so heavy I thought I heard the rats farting and the moans of the cockroaches having sex. In that Saturday evening when the rays of the moon fell on his tightly woven mass of curly hair, I felt the menace. The first evil. It was like I was in a state of perpetual tension, mute reproaches, and noiseless hatred. I know that he is capable of feeling hate, abomination towards me as he is also able to masturbate and reach the the seventh mountain of orgasm with only the power of his sick and hateful mind. I loved him for that. I used to daydream that he would barge through the door, soaked in blood, wielding an ax on one hand, and the other hand chopped off. He likes those things. He calls it living and holding the power of destruction in the palm of his hand and I call it frustration overload and hanging around too much in cyberspace looking for Motoko Kusanagi and trying to contract stand alone complex. I saw him in my mind professing his undying hate for me, taking him in my arms, tears falling from my face while trying to stifle a laughter. My hands would glow and in typical TV show fashion, the power of my maniacal obsession, healed the great masturbator. He sits, we're both perplexed and just when it's time for me to end my reverie, I had an epiphany. This isn't what I want, I grab the ax from his hand and with one great swoop, chopped his head off.

   I'm really a sucker for happy endings

Friday, December 26, 2014

Enough With Always Having Two Heads

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   I've always been meaning to transfer the contents of my other blog. But laziness. Although the contents of that blog was almost the same as this one, it's written in a longer form and from what I can recall as wrote them, I did it in one sitting. 

   It has a taken a long time for me to declutter and streamline most of my stuff online. The main reason is I just couldn't keep track of all of my passwords. I remember all of them, but when they slip away from me, it takes days even weeks to remember it. Another reason is by having one blog, it helps me make a stand on things that I might not be comfortable in sharing or writing. Doing this makes own up for my convictions and beliefs. So yay for maturity.

   The next few days will be filled with my posts from my previous blog. Feel free to comment. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

From My Family to Yours

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   The madness of the noche buena is over. Everyone is taking a nap after the eating and the celebrating from last night. But today spending time with your loved ones. So wherever you are enjoy this Christmas day.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mad Rush

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  I'm wearing an apron as I write this. Female parental unit and I decided at the last minute to cook something for noche buena instead of just ordering out. We did not enjoy though the thick crowd in the supermarket. Both us got dizzy just staring at the throng of people doing their own Christmas Eve grocery. Over the years, I have come to realize that it's not really the food or any material things or the thought behind them that counts. It's about the people you're celebrating this holiday with. It's good to have your family with you but at the same time we chose our family so be sure to spend this night with someone really special to you.

   Now to get back to my cooking. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Zapped out.

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   We, more specifically I, took a beating last weekend. After finishing my work, I rushed to get a bus going to Galleria. The monster that we call traffic was slowly catching up with me, and it took over an hour, not including the crazy rush hour just to get to Galleria to meet with Allan. His teammates are planning to do their team building Cavite. The place is relatively near his parents' house so he decided it would be a good idea to so that we could drop by and spend some time with them. We left Manila at around 4 PM. We thought we'd probably get to Cavite by 7 PM. We were wrong. By 7 PM, we were still on the road and pretty far from where we're going. Everyone was going restless, most especially me since I haven't had the time to rest after working. 

   We finally got to his house at around 9 PM. We had a quick dinner then he was off to his team building. I slept and woke up early to work. A couple of hours after, Allan came home and went to sleep. While working, I took turns with his sister in looking after her kids. They're a handful, but it was so much fun. It certainly helped me relax and surprisingly, made me focus more on my tasks. 

   Allan woke up around mid-afternoon. He played with his nephews while I prepared our things for our trek back to the city. We left Cavite around 6 PM. Lo and behold, we got here by 8. Allan immediately went to sleep since he has a shift at 3 AM. Monday passed by in a blur probably because we were still reeling from the event-filled weekend.

   Things are going back to normal, and still trying to get back my energy. A lot of sleep will definitely help. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Laundry Day

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   Doing the laundry is something I enjoy. Along with washing the dishes. A lot of the people I've met have expressed disdain doing these two chores. But for me, I feel a certain calm in dumping the clothes in the washer, putting the laundry powder, and watching it spin, waiting for the foam to appear, or the water to darken. It's as if this whole process is not just for the clothes themselves but for me as well. I always feel clean and fresh after a laundry session, even at times I'm left sweating and sticky. 

   When I started doing the laundry after female parental unit had an operation, it was always a battle of who can out-snark each other. Being a veteran in washing clothes, she was more than eager to pass on the knowledge to the point that she would be doing it herself. Meanwhile, me, the person who resents authority as a hobby would go against her in every laundry session. As time passes by, the arguments have lessened and what replaced it is another way for us to bond and to talk more. We've somehow managed to use every laundry day to talk about not just the usual neighborhood gossip but also our frustrations, things we want to accomplish, and a lot more. We've become more honest with each other, learning things that we never knew before. And with this, me and female parental unit have always looked forward to our special laundry day.

   This is what happens I guess when you get older. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gossip Girls

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   Working from home has completely erased the chances of me falling into hours of gossiping with co-workers. Not only has this increased my productivity, but also made me focus my energy on finishing the job. I always fall into the trap of gossiping with my co-workers that tasks eventually pile up and I have to extend extra effort just to finish them. Since I don't have anyone to gossip with here at home, my workflow have been fluid. 
   But there are times, like today where I enjoyed falling into the trap. Female parental unit sat beside me while she was changing pillow covers and started dumping a lot of neighborhood gossip. Normally, I just smile and try to zone her out. But today, I found myself engaging with her while still working. Not only did I found it odd, but also amusing. Days like this should be like the one we had. This is one memorable perk of working from home.   

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

This is News Night

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   Thank you. Thank you for trying to do the news. The way its supposed to be.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I talk because I talk

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   In every aspect of human living, communication is essential. Whether used to educate or to simply to entertain, communication is visibly important in forwarding human civilization into the future. 

   At times, communication or lack there of is also the main factor of discord or argument. Properly communicating and basically getting the information across is still a learning process for all of us. We have been given by our ancestors a precious gift. Let us not squander it away and continue to fine tune for future generations

Monday, December 15, 2014

Long but not so hard

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   I start my day early. I wake up around 4-5 am to prepare for my 6 am shifgt. But since y work doesn't really rake out a lot of energy, I never get tired after my shift ends. Today though was different. I decided to do the laundry. I put the clothes into the washer and left it there, then moved on to my next task. Buy ingredients to cook before Allan gets home. So I immediately went to the nearby vegetable stand and bought the things I need. When I got back, I proceeded to take out the clothes and put he second load in. While the washer was doing its business, I started hanging the clothes outside to dry. Once I was done with that, I checked my work email to see if there was anything I need to look over. After doing that, I started prepping and went to cooking lunch. By the time I was done, the second load of clothes had finished and I went to hang them out as well. I went back to work and finished some tasks there. Allan came home so we had lunch. After which I went back to work and work on some future gig requirements. My shift ended and I took a quick shower closed up shop then traveled back to Manila. After resting for a couple of minutes I took a bath and decided to work some more. While I was drying my hair I decided to close my eyes for 5 minutes. 
   I woke up 2 hours later. 

   Didn't realize I was that tired or the water that I used when I took a bath was laced with sleeping agents. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sleeping in

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   Wouldn't you love to just sleep in on weekends and wake up late? Yes? Good for you. That's not entirely going for me as of this moment. My current job requires me to work from 6 am. Everyday. The work is pretty light, but that doesn't mean I can operate still in the dreaming state. For a couple of days now, I've actually enjoyed waking up early. It makes me feel like I could do and accomplish a lot of things with an early head start on things. 
   But damn, waking up at 11:00 am on a Sunday has that feeling that everything is ok in the world.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Schedule Tighter than a Hair Weave

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   Schedules are important for me and Allan. Since we have different work schedules, it is necessary for us to plan ahead certain activities that we would want to do or go to. A couple of our friends have invited us to Quezon City Pride March, unfortunately we were not able to go there since Allan had an office related function that he needed to attend to. He came home a couple of hours earlier and we talked about how each of our days went and other random stuff that came up. He informed me that the his schedule may be a bit tight next week since he has another round of office related functions to attend. Although, I love some time alone for myself as it allows me to work some more, I feel sad that we won't be spending much time together, since I'm assuming that when he comes home from these events, he would be dead tired and will go to sleep right after. 

   But I'm the one working from home, so I'm the one that can easily adjust to craziness of his schedule. This should be a piece of cake. 

Friday, December 12, 2014


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   Earlier, I left Malacanang to go Allan's place in Pasig. Normally, I travel early during Saturdays, but today I wanted to try out and see what I'll discover if I leave the house on a later time. So after my morning work ended, I left at around 2:30. 

   What I found out was terrifying.
   There were already a lot of commuters waiting for jeepneys and buses. I made my way to the bus terminal that goes to Pasig. When I boarded, I noticed that were only a couple of passengers there. I thought it would be that way all throughout the  bus ride. I was wrong. The bus hasn't gone that far from the terminal when a throng of passengers got in. Slowly the bus became full and crowded.

   Heavy build up of traffic seems to have sprung in our route and soon after we were stalled every couple of minutes. This is what the average working Filipino deals with. This and the sucky transport system and the constant news of inefficiency of the government. Sadly, we are also to blame for things escalating to this. We never really bothered to care. We took everything as the reality of things and just soldiered on instead of fighting the system and changing the way things are.

   But before that happens, I hope this traffic won't get us late. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dead along the lines

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   Deadlines are important in every project. They dictate the pace and speed of progression of the project. There are times when I feel like, I could beat any deadline even if I'm stacked with multiple tasks. There also times when I'm cramming like crazy in finishing one easy task. 

   But I know I could overcome this. I must persevere.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Drown Me Not

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   Rigors of everyday life can take a toll on anyone. The drowning feeling of being overwhelmed can lead to inefficiency and affect not just work but also on our personal lives. Whenever we feel like things are spinning out of control and it seems like we're chasing something that we're not going to catch, here are few things that could help us be calm and find our center in the midst of chaos.

   Breathe. This is simplest thing anyone can do when one feels overwhelmed. All you have to is stop for a while, inhale, hold it for a couple of seconds, and exhale. Not only will it help you calm yourselves but it'll also help you get your focus back.

   Whenever we're overwhelmed by life, negative thoughts can take over. If this happens, all we need to do is to mentally put a stop sign whenever we start to entertain them. This might take a lot of practice but this will definitely help us in dealing with the overwhelming feeling of being drowned by worry.

   In dealing and stopping with negative thoughts, a couple of self-affirming mantras is also a big help. It doesn't hurt in telling ourselves that we can do it or we're prepared whenever we undergo something. This helps us in boosting our confidence in ourselves whenever we start on a new project.

   Life is hard. But that doesn't mean we get swallowed by its strong current. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Slowly We Go Back

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   Typhoon Hagupit is slowly making its way out of the country and so far from the reports given by the different government agencies concerned and the media, the damage is still quite big but the loss of life is minimal. As it moves across south of Manila, the public is warned to still remain vigilant even if the typhoon has diminished in strength, it could still bring in a lot of rain and it still might flood the metro.

   A lot of cities along with Manila has declared the suspension of classes and work but for others especially those who work at BPOs, the daily grind still continues. And though it's important to earn a living, safety still is of the utmost importance. No debate on that. For those who will go to work tonight, make sure to take extra precaution, keep constant communication with your loved ones and with the people at work. 

   While we wait for the typhoon to leave the country, let's all be thankful that there wasn't much casualty. Let's also commend our national weather forecasting agency for being close to accurate in projecting the path and the strength of the typhoon. The different local government agencies also did it right this time by preparing for the storm's possible damage days before it actually gets here.

   Once this is all over, we all go back to our daily lives. But let's all try and do our part in not contributing to the effects of climate change

Sunday, December 7, 2014

And on the seventh day...

   Sunday is for not doing anything. But then again, I'm working. Enjoy the rest of the day and stay safe.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pride in coming out for love

   The LGBT once again came together and showed their unity with today's Pride March. The theme "come out for love", the march urges everyone gay, straight, and those in between that everyone has the right to love, and if they believe in this, then they should come out in support of love. 

   Despite how limited we feel about the progress of the LGBT issues being fought for, we are still lucky that we are able to do pride marches, and express our right to be heard and fight for equal rights. It is true that there's still work to be done. Lots of it. But we've already made progress and this should fuel everyone in making sure that we attain our goal. Let's also remind ourselves that these pride marches are also for those who do their own. A lot of LGBT are still being oppressed around the world, and this is one way of fighting for them. This is also good platform for famous personalities to show their support to the cause and make others aware and understand our plight.

   Pride still matters. Especially if we all come out for love. 


Friday, December 5, 2014

The waiting game.

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   So now we wait. 

   Typhoon Ruby has weakened in the update given by PAGASA earlier, but in their last bulletin, the storm has regained its strength and will still follow its projected path. Everyone still advised to take the necessary safety precautions and to monitor the updates provided on all channels of communication. 

   While we wait for the round of information on the effects of the typhoon, the best thing to do is to stay calm, make sure that we have a ready stock of food items. That means, no panic-buying, its obviously hording, so stop. Charge all mobile phones and make sure they have load credits. We don't want communication to fail just because we're out of load. 

   We may not be able to prevent whatever damage the typhoon may bring but we can be sure to minimize its effects if stay vigilant, alert, and calm.  

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Nappy Time

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   When I was young, I hated taking naps. Whenever we were in the province, this was strictly enforced because it was supposed to make us grow taller. At seven years old, I knew they weren't telling the truth. It even went as far as me telling my mother that the only reason we're being "forced" to taking naps is because the adults (them) are lazy and deemed them irresponsible. 

   Through the years, taking a nap in the afternoon has somehow found its way into my system. Now I can't go on a day without shutting my eye for half an hour in the afternoon, especially right after eating. There were times when my nap would go for about several hours which would leave me awake the entire night. Fine tuning my nap time has led me to better sleep in the evening. Knowing what time I should hit the sack at night gives me an idea when to take a nap and how long it should be. It also has allowed me to be more alert especially when I'm working. I don't feel anxious whenever I do the tasks given to me.

   Basically, everyone who naps has his or her system in integrating this into their daily lives. Though some might view it as a waste of time or makes them feel like they're missing out on something, napping is one of those pleasures that does not require a lot of money or effort. And I feel like people should be doing this.

   So nap away. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


   Typhoon Hagupit will enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility several hours from now. The government sure did act quickly by laying out the scenario and likelihood of what's to come once the storm landfalls. Unfortunately, it will be passing by Eastern Visayas, where it was heavily damaged by typhoon Haiyan last year. PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Service Administration), NDRMCC (National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council) have urged the local governments who will be in the storm's path to prematurely evacuate their residents, especially those that are living in coastal areas as storm surges going up to 4 meters high are likely to appear.

   This has always been the scenario in the country whenever a typhoon is about to hit us. I know, that this is the global effect of global warming, and we're a long way from combating its deadly effects but this cycle of always waiting in anxious anticipation has got to stop. The government and its citizen should start working together in dealing better whenever a typhoon comes. A reliable weather forecasting system, a coordinated disaster response program, and cooperation are factors in ensuring that property damage and loss of life is minimized or better yet, prevented.

   But for now, we should stock on food, batteries, and other stuff needed for emergency purposes. Make sure our phones are charged and with call credits and always check in with your loved ones if you're outside when the storm hits.  

   Measured optimism is what we all need. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


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    I spend my weekends and a part of the next week with Allan in Pasig. I usually make my way back to Manila on a Monday or a Tuesday, depending on the appointments that I have for that week. I either take the bus or a combination of jeepney and train on my way home and every time I enter Manila's boundaries I can't help but look with a certain sadness at its buildings.

   Manila is one of the oldest cities in this countries and a lot of structures have built and destroyed here. It saddens me whenever I see an old building not being used. I know that the city hall has condemned them and declared them unfit to be used but that doesn't mean that they just be left there to wither even more. The city could use these buildings in attracting investors in converting the structures into office spaces and housing projects. The city hall could provide the investors with tax exemptions as aid in pouring money and business here. On the other hand, the involvement of the citizens of Manila could also be tapped. Maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the business centers and new housing projects is one way of making the community involve in the progress of its city.

   But hey, I'm just probably tired from travelling. Here's to hoping it happens. 

Monday, December 1, 2014


Today is World AIDS Day. Awareness is important. Getting Tested is essential.
Information is ammunition in fighting the disease.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Obsession with Naked Celebrities

Last weekend, the internet went into overdrive as leaked naked images of female celebrities like actress Jennifer Lawrence, singer Ariana Grande, and model Kate Upton were uploaded on the site 4Chan. It once again sparked discussions about women’s rights and everyone’s obsession with seeing a naked celebrity.
            In her article for The Guardian, Hadley Freeman hit on the people who argued that these celebrities who have naked pictures have brought it upon themselves to be exposed in this way. She further stressed that this exemplifies sexism not just in the entertainment industry and in the internet in general. Whenever a news item is posted with a woman being in the headline, they always presented by their sex.
            The Internet’s obsession with naked celebrities is has gotten more rabid because in the internet everyone is on the same level no matter if you’re an Oscar winning actress with a lot of memes under your belt or your just a regular douche looking up at the images of naked female celebrities. At the same time, it highlights their celebrity status, the naked images generates more buzz because these are from people who we idolize, loathe, live vicariously through etc. It becomes a trending topic because these are people who appear to unattainable, living a seemingly perfect lives, and an image of them in all their naked glory makes them like us. Ordinary.

            This latest scandal will definitely make the discussion about sexism and women’s rights in the forefront again in blogs and forums but also how secured our private images really are. Majority of people who have naked pictures of themselves would probably think twice now about taking some more naked selfies of them. But what we all should remember is that what we probably look alike in our nakedness and looking at these images violates their rights of having small piece of privacy in their public lives. 

A hate free review and still generate traffic

If you’re looking to check the new ramen store in the metro, or the latest movie everyone is flocking to in the theaters, you first check to read on their reviews. Digital word of mouth and herd mentality in our culture seems to be the best mix in writing reviews for film, TV shows, books, etc. Everyone has transformed themselves into ‘experts’ in the different fields that they posts in their blogs. But a lot of so-called experts have taken to producing reviews filled with ‘hate’ for the thing they are reviewing. This seems to have gone around into making a lot of people think that being the irrational negative reviewer masking in constructive criticism post will make people flock to their sites and be influenced by them is wrong. Reviews that are written with fair and objective points of view can still generate traffic and could possibly be referenced by other bigger sites in their own articles.
Reviewing a restaurant may seem different to reviewing a novel or film but essentially they all start with the same foundation. Objectivity and open-mindedness. When you go in a restaurant or start to read a book, it already gives you a first impression of what to possibly expect. You can use this to base on what you will possibly write for your review but at the same time try not be boxed in it. There might be a couple of things that might surprise you along the way that can sway or influence you on your first impression. Basically, when you start to make mental notes of what your review will be like you also try to enjoy the experience as the best as you can.
In the time where are 140 character entries are consumed like manna from heaven, you must not be bothered by long or short your review will be. Well to a certain degree. Try not to go overboard and make 10,000-word review of a ramen shop you went to or 10 – word review about a lengthy novel you read. It should be as long as you need it to be to carry idea along. If you’re the kind who knows to drive a point across with a few words then so be it. If you need t be very detailed about why you disagree why a movie went the direction it went to, then be detailed as you possibly can. As long as you remain coherent and the review remains cohesive from start to finish.
The best review that you could write is not how much the novel bore you or how much you like the art exhibit, but rather a review that both points out the great things and the other things that could be improved. Making sure to point the good and bad things helps your readers see if they like the same things that you like or if they disagree with the points that you did not like.
Lastly, your review is your masterpiece but you should not focus your energy in making it perfect. Remember, other people will still find something to pick with your piece so just write the best that you can produce. Always tell yourself that that you write reviews because you like doing them. Whatever your reason may be. Writing reviews need not be on scholarly level for your readers to take you seriously but rather it needs to show you express yourself in response to whatever it is that you're reviewing. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Everything seems to be moving fast.
Slow it down and look at the bigger picture.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Nothing much has happened.
Enjoyed travelling up north.
The experience was much more
memorable when it is shared with
your special someone.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Still trying to get past this feeling of
The net has been cast wide.
The more you struggle
The more you get trapped.


Sleeping is adorable.
Sleeping with someone
is worth the wait.
But not when one of you
is awake.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


I'm looking at you.
Pretty disappointed.
Laughable plans you got there.
Must have been pulled someone's ass.
But hey, better get your head in the game.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


There will always be interruptions.
The best way is to stay focused
and persevere.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Life never fails to give chances.
Chances for everyone to turn their lives around.
Around in ways that is so simple yet profound.
Profound, that it leaves them in awe.
Awe of what life could bring.
Bring them closer to being the people they want to be.

Monday, July 7, 2014


At every turn there are hurdles to overcome.
And sometimes that hurdle is ourselves.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Meeting up with friends is indeed fun.
Being with people who enjoys the 
same things that you do certainly 
makes the dynamic more enjoyable.

At the same time doing everyday tasks
with your partner is also fun.
There are times where I wish that
people would wish for this more 
rather creating all the unnecessary 
drama in their lives. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Plans are starting to formulate.
The only thing to do is to execute them

It's good to forget one's burden
even for a couple of hours especially
with someone who supports your
decisions all the way.


The start of the rainy season
is starting to make everyone
But we must persevere as their
are plans and things that
needs to happen.


Longing is a feeling
that renders someone
incapable of thinking rationally.
But all the same it's something that one
will embrace with open arms
and lets them be overwhelmed by the feeling.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Normal is the watch word.

Things are starting to fall into place.
The goal at the end of the road is getting clearer.
But there are times when the clutches of the past
grabs hold of you.
The only thing to do is persevere and soldier on.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Double Post

Problems always have solutions.
It may not be the one you want.
But it definitely solves the problem.


Looking at things a little more optimistic.
Talking more a little about it definitely helps.
It's somehow reassuring to know that the people
who loves you continuously supports you.
No matter what.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Looking Up.

It is sometimes good to share one's burden with someone.
Especially if that someone dishes out the truth about the situation.
Things may be looking grim but having someone around to talk about sure feels a lot less gloomy.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dark Days

Things are looking rather grim.
Failure at every turn welcomes with open open arms.
Giving 24 hours to deal with this.