Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Because He Needs Us

photo courtesy of www.usapost.org

     Looks like Manny Pacquiao got the biggest punch of his life. During an interview, he was asked about same-sex marriage and he compared it to how animals do it. I think everyone has read the interview and has seen the video so we'll skip the blow-by-blow account. After receiving a barrage of punches from different social media users, Pacquiao has uploaded an apology video for his statement. It is important to note though, he still thinks that a homosexual act is still a sin.

     I'll skip all the counter arguments that Pacquiao made about the LGBT community since there are so many people who are qualified to do that. What I would like to get off my chest is the level of inhuman thinking that came out of this statement. Not only did he degrade the LGBT community but is also perpetuating homophobia under the guise of religion. Since he's also running for a Senate seat, it is not surprising that he'll say something this low. Not only did make it relevant but him uploading an apology video only hours after the social media backlash shows that this is a calculated move. The apology insincere video projects an image that he listens if he is on the wrong and he's willing to humble himself. 

     Like as if that would work. Surprisingly, it might will. Pacquiao is not really known for his legislative skills and attendance but crafting this election given our predilection to forget the wrong doings of these bastards (the Marcoses, anyone?) might just get him elected. 

     It is up to the voters that understands the situation to turn this around. You don't have to campaign for the ones you like, but you can campaign against for those that only uses hot button issues to be the center of social media frenzy.  


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