Monday, February 8, 2016


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     Today is the Chinese New Year. A lot of people went to Chinatown in Binondo to celebrate and get some items that they believe will bring them goof luck.

     One of the traditions that we sort of follow in celebrating the Chinese New Year is serving tikoy or rice cake. It said to bring the family closer together since the rice cake is sticky and keep the relationship harmonious with its sweet flavor. We normally just coat the rice cake with a beaten egg and fry it. This year we gave a couple of rice cakes to our neighbors and we also received several boxes of them. I guess it pays when your female parental unit is one of the most sociable people you've met. 

     Even if you don't practice any of the traditions that comes with the Chinese festivity or you go all-out, always remember that celebrating the start of the year allows us to start fresh and gives us a chance to better people not just for ourselves but for those around us. 

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