Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Yup, I still do.

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     Every time I come home to Allan in Pasig, the feeling of anticipation and giddiness. I hardly make any facial expression, but whenever I get lost in the thoughts of seeing him just puts me in a dazed smile. It transports me back to the first time that I went to his old place. 

     I am bad at commuting and I have the tendency to get lost. My sense of direction is bad and also I'm so stubborn that I wouldn't ask people for directions for fear that they might think of me as stupid for getting lost. When I went to his place, he told me to just get on the bus going to his area and tell the bus conductor where I was getting off and that was it. I did just that. The travel time was longer than I expected and I started getting antsy. I sent him a text message and he replied that I should not worry because I am going to a place where love is and he'll be right there. 

     He might kill me if he gets to read this.
     Much like my first experience in commuting to Allan's place, my writing has always felt like that. It makes me excited and pumped up once I've dealt with my initial apprehensions. Even if I couldn't find anything to write about, I'm just raring to go and just write. The only difference that starts to appear is that I never get tired or bogged down seeing Allan. Not so much with writing. There are times when I would just be too brain dead to even open word document and type something. And then it snowballs from there.

     Keeping it my view fresh and allotting small amount of time should help in being consistent and not feel like its a task of sorts. 

     I can do this.  

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