Saturday, February 6, 2016

Damp and Wet

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     The rain couldn't come any sooner.

     It had been humid the past few days, especially during the afternoon. I had the unfortunate time of basking in all of its brain melting heat glory when I home to Malacanang. 

     While I was doing the laundry yesterday, the sky began to darken and I thought that it was going to rain after. I had to rush and finish my chore and I possibly pulled some muscles because of it. 

     The rain apparently started to pour today. It would've been ideal to just stay in bed and sleep, but I had work. Bummer. The slow downpour brought me a joy I normally feel when the rainy season start. Others may feel introspective and just chill whenever it rains, but I feel different. I feel more energized. Its as if the rain revitalizes something inside of me and makes me want to do more. 

     And I did just that. I ran several software tests on my laptop, deleted some old files, read a couple of chapters of a book, and even manage to write this blog. Heck, I even took a nap because I could sneak that in the things I could accomplish today, Harhar.

     I hope that everyone is safe and dry today. Be with your friends and family and make this a cuddle day for you to remember! 

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